7 Ways To Get Oregano Into Your Life!

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9 June 2017
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13 June 2017

7 Ways To Get Oregano Into Your Life!

Oregano’s so much more than a pizza topping, it’s also a superfood, a medicinal herb, a natural antibiotic and an aromatherapy oil!  Read on for XX ways to get more oregano into your daily life…

1. Bone broth is revered as a health and beauty elixir by the likes of Salma Hayek and Gwyneth Paltrow.  Made by boiling meat stock bones until they form a gelatinous glycine-rich broth, it’s said to cure everything from cellulite to digestive problems. Add heat and an immune-boosting, anti-microbial kick to your bone broth by adding a tablespoon of dried oregano prior to boiling your bones.

2. Did you think your detergent kills all the germs in your laundry?  Think again.  Research shows that laundry cycles breed bacteria and can even spread germs from your underwear to your tea towels.  Hygiene expert Dr Lisa Acklerley says: “If you put something ridden with bacteria in the washing machine you will simply be swishing the germs around – creating a ‘bacterial soup’ – unless you do something to kill them.”  For a natural solution, try adding a few drops of oregano oil to your laundry to sanitise your clothes and bedding and keep your washing machine smelling naturally fresh and clean.

3. Sprinkle a few drops in your dog’s food to potentially fight parasites and keep your pet in vibrant good health

4. Sprinkle plenty of dried oregano on your next steak. When animal protein is cooked at high temperatures it creates lots of free radicals.  Oregano’s super high antioxidant content helps  buffer the effects of these free radicals, and of course it makes your steak even tastier too.

5. Oil pull with a couple of drops of oregano essential oil added to a tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil. Swish for 10-15 minutes and then spit out into the bin.  The oregano oil helps kill oral bacteria and improve immune health.

6. Take 10 drops of oregano oil and combine with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil, and rub it into your hands as a natural hand sanitiser.

7. Make a non-toxic and highly effective household cleaning spray by combining a few drops of oregano essential oil with white vinegar or water.

by Precious Williams.

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