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7 July 2017
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21 July 2017

In Their Own Words!

OREGANO OIL’s been called “nature’s antibiotic” and since ancient times people have used it to cleanse and purify both body and mind.  Today, farmers use it chicken feed as a natural antimicrobial.  Naturopathic doctors swear by it.  Frequent travellers pack it in their carry-on. 

Here, Zane Hellas customers describe how, and why, they use oregano oil supplements, in their own words:

After three weeks of constant uncontrollable day and night coughing, I starting taking these oil of oregano softgels. I was skeptical but a week later I was no longer coughing and once again sleeping eight hours a night- as was my family.” – SMK.

Amazing! Helped to rid of newer ending sore throat. Very happy. Will recommend to others. I also bought an oil which does wonders to candida.” – Anna Oganwsova

Eight years ago my mother had a simple hip replacement surgery contracting at the hospital an antibiotic resistant staph infection flaring up and sending her back to the hospital every 6 months. Since there was no known medical cure I went to a renown nutritionist who advised a strict diet with daily doses of Oil of Oregano from the Mediterranean sea. My mother is celebrating her 95th birthday free of any medical problems thanks to this product. Greece is one of the top 3 countries with the best quality of pure undiluted Oil of Oregano. Zane Hellas has shown excellent responsiveness with a product with high percentage of Carvacrol and low thymol.” – Enrique Mitman

Amazing. The ONLY thing that took my toenail fungus away. Tried everything. It took me about 4 months to almost completely have normal looking toenails. Have to be loyal and put it on every single day. Thank you, Zane- and I luv the bag of Oregano you send with the order.” – Annie

A bottle of gold. Love this oil of oregano. I have done my research and this is by far the best! It is super strong so make sure to dilute. I added 2 drops in my 16 ounce water bottle and I could not drink it but then I added 1 drop to it and it was perfect. My sister had an ear infection, I added 1 drop to a teaspoon of olive oil and soaked a cotton ball with the mixture. She then applied it to the outside area below and around the ear lobe (never inside). We thought she would need a couple days of treatment but she was literally healed by the first application. I’m not sure if this was a coincidence but I believe in the power and benefits of this little bottle of “gold”. Read up the benefits and do your research. I will be ordering more! Love it, love the smell and love the taste.” – Konstantina Lazaros

Suffered from periodic blister like skin eruptions for years mainly on hands and arms. Doctors not interested or prescribed steroid cream. My research on the WWW indicated either a fungal or viral source. No outbreak since I started using Candida Stop. Underlying rash which was present before each outbreak is diminishing. Plan to continue use until this is completely eliminated. Thank you, Zane Hellas” – Paul Power

This has to be a staple in your first aid. Works amazing against bacteria, virus, and fungus. Mix with carrier oil. Kills off a cold in a day for me. Dog treated for fleas with this too. They hate it. All-rounder and great size of bottle for the price” – Kate

Have Lyme and this cleared my head in no time” – Daisy Paul

by Precious Williams.

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