Oregano oil and livestock

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4 August 2017
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Oregano oil and livestock

Oregano oil and livestock.

YOU MAY have heard oregano oil referred to as a “natural antibiotic.” And you you’re probably aware that pharmaceutical antibiotics might destroy the good flora in the gut and potentially lead to antibiotic resistance. But did you know animals actually account for 80% of pharmaceutical antibiotic use in the USA (with equally high percentages in most countries)?

Typically in conventional livestock farming, animals are forcibly packed into cramped, fenced areas where they are fed until fat enough to be butchered for the highest profit. Unsurprisingly, they become distressed, are force fed and often left standing in their own waste. The perfect condition for bacterial illness. Thus, farmers have tended to add antibiotics to livestock feed to prevent bacteria from spreading.

Eventually, the bacteria started to become resistant to pharmaceutical antibiotics. So, newer, stronger pharmaceutical antibiotics were introduced. And of course bacteria became resistant to these too. Which means that humans eating conventionally farmed meat are exposed to antibiotic resistant bacteria and antibiotic residue.

Some health experts believe this is why humans are increasingly suffering from “super bug” illnesses that do not respond to any of the pharmaceutical antibiotics currently known to man. Yikes.

In 2012 Consumer Reports released a study that found the bacteria Yersinia enterocolitica in 69 % of 198 pork chop and ground pork samples bought at stores across the USA. Some of the bacteria were resistant to one or more pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Since January 2017, farmers have been forced to apply for a Veterinary Feed Directive before they are allowed to routinely feed pharmaceutical antibiotics to their livestock. This was introduced to try to keep antibiotic use to a minimum in animals being raised for slaughter.

That’s where oregano oil comes in. It contains an active compound called carvacrol and medical studies have shown that carvacrol’s a natural broad-spectrum bacteria killer. Oregano oil has proven effective at inhibiting the spreading of salmonella in barns and eliminating candida yeast. As a bonus, oregano oil, may also boost the animal’s immunity and prevent it from falling ill in the first place.

In one medical study oregano oil was given to a group of 43 calves that had diarrhea. After one treatment, 58 percent of the animals were free of symptoms. With a second dose of oregano oil, the entire group of animals had been healed.

A test of oregano oil on four small farms in Maine, found it was effective in controlling the parasites and worms that afflict goats and sheep.

by Precious Williams.

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